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Welcome to the property works QR help page A QR code is a square made of black and white dots, which mobile phones can read with their cameras.
In our case, the QR codes on our for sale signs will direct your Smartphone to the webpage displaying information about the property. To read a QR code, you may need an application on your phone that can read them. To get started with QR codes, just follow these simple instructions:

Download an app

Step 1: Go to the app store or market that relates to your device.
For example, apple devices would go to the "App Store",
android devices would go to the "market",
and blackberry devices would go to "Blackberry App World".
From there you shoud search for "QR reader". Once you find an app that will read QR codes, and you are happy with it, go ahead and install it.
Android devices can download a reader here.
Apple devices can download a reader here.
Blackberry devices can download a reader here.

Scan the code

Step 2: Once you have downloaded the app, start it, and point your camera at the QR code.
It should begin reading the code. If the app is having trouble reading the QR code,
try moving your phone a little closer;
the more of the screen that is filled with the QR code, the more likely it is to be read quickly.

Go to the page

Step 3: Your app should now have recognised the QR code, and provide you
with a button or link to our site.
Click it, and you will be able to view details about the property in front of you.

5 common mistakes to avoid when using QR codes

1. Linking a QR Code to a desktop website which is not mobile-friendly

2. Linking a QR code to unecessary information which takes a long time to download

3. Creating a high resolution code which cannot be scanned from a reasonable distance

4. Using a long URL to link to a QR code

5. Using a QR code where there is no internet access such as the underground.