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Maximising Social Media Marketing with QR Codes
QR codes are a major marketing trend. You may have noticed them appearing on all types of items as diverse as ketcup bottles, movie posters and business cards. The codes can be scanned with a smartphone to direct users to online content.
According to social news blog Mashable, more than 14 million people scanned a QR code in June 2011. Marketing trends come and go, but QR codes seem well poisitioned to grow in use for many reasons. Firstly the growth in smartphone users and secondly if used in the right way, the content to which QR codes direct the readers too is not static and can be changed easily, therefore it can be kept up to date.
QR codes also work well with social media tools, which are a growing trend in corporate communication strategies whilst the trend is now finding its way into the marketing stratgies of professional services and individuals seeking to connect with customers or potential employers.
As you think about adding QR codes to your marketing toolkit, make sure you partner with a QR code specialist who offers ease of administration as you generate and manage your QR code campaign. With the right strategy, QR codes can be a powerful new dimension in customer communications.
Marks & Spencers to try out QR Codes
Marks & Spencers will be trying out QR codes in selected stores to see how mobile shopping and mobile technology will affect sales.
M&S will display codes for items that are not available in-store to shoppers. Scanning a code using a smartphone equipped with a QR code reader app will take a shopper to the M&S mobile sites' page where customers can obtain more information about the item and place an order for it. The QR code trial, according to retail analyst Nick Bubb, would become part of the company's wider strategy to see an increase in mobile shopping. He believes that more and more people are already shopping on their mobile phones and M&S wants to target this audience.