Bringing property to life

Bring Viewers Inside When They Are Outside!

When a potential viewers spots a property they like the look of they want to be able to access information about the property straight away.

With The Property Works QR code system you can allow them to do just that quickly and simply if they are one of the growing number of smartphone users.

So if your potential viewers own an i-phone, i-pad, blackberry or android phone they could be just a click away from your property details.

Step 1 Use their smartphone to scan the QR code printed on your For Sale sign, window sign or newspaper advertisement. The low-resolution code means the distance the codes can be scanned from is increased.

Step 2 The mobile friendly web page dramatically reduces the loading time of the page. Viewers can easily select the information that they want to focus on such as floor plans, images or text.

Step 3 If they like what they see they can use the in-built feature to either email or telephone you for more information or to book a viewing.

Simple , low cost and immediate!


If you would like some more information on QR codes and how they can work for your business or you would like to register with us for a FREE trial please contact us at or telephone us on 01925 229116.  


QR codes, a new way forward.

Tyler Estates is very happy with your product and service, it gives us the edge on our competitors and is a great listing tool. We wish you every success I am sure the Property works will do very well.” Jeremy Tyler-Tyler Estates