Bringing property to life

Bring Viewers Inside When They Are Outside!

Wouldn't it be great to be able to provide a prospective buyer or tenant with property details as soon as they spot a property displaying your For Sale Board and stand outside it for the first time? Well now you can!

And what is more it is easy to use and low cost for you to set up.

How many leads do you think are lost because a potential buyer can't view a property's details immediately and then fail to access the information at a later date, either because your office is closed or they have to search through lists of properties on a computer, guessing the price band on your website or that of a property portal.

Your Next Sale Could Be Just A Click Away!

The Property Works has a very simple, low cost answer to this problem-Quick Response Codes (QR Code).

By placing a Property Works QR code onto your For Sale board and other marketing materials you will enabale your prospective viewers to use their smart phone (i-phone, i-pad, android or blackberry) to immediately access the full property details. They will then have the facility to email or telephone you if they want more information or book a viewing.

Speeds up the whole letting process

Smart Phone Usage Is On The Increase!

31% of the adult population in the UK now owns a smartphone, showing an increase from 13% in January 2010, according to the results of the first quarter of 2011 (Ipsos MediaCT Technology)

Further results clearly indicate the growing trend that smartphones are being used more and more as an essential lifestyle accessory, with almost a 15% rise in the number of consumers interacting with mobile applications on a daily basis.